It's all about our SPONSORS !

OBBM was created to be the ultimate local platform for local and family owned business. We really do everything we can to advocate for and promote local and small business. Without the support of our sponsors, (who are local businesses themselves) OBBM would not be where we are today!

Premium Show Appearance

OBBM has so many TV shows, podcasts and radio shows to choose from representing a variety of industries, markets and professions. You can showcase you and your business to exactly the audience you are seeking to reach.

Professionally Produced Ads

Our state of the art production facilities and team will produce the right ad for whatever budget you are working with. We make your business just as great as you want it to look!

Promoting Local Business

Consistency is crucial when it comes to branding. We know it takes time to create and distribute content consistently. We have designed our platform so that business owners can maintain a powerful brand fueled by quality content through one single source.

Premier guest appearance on an OBBM Show!

You may be selected to be a guest on an OBBM TV show or podcast! This is a perfect way to kick off your OBBM advertising campaign or just to attract the extra attention you and your business deserve. This is a one-on-one in studio interview that provides you the opportunity to really let your existing and soon-to-be customers exactly who you are, what you do and why you do it!

One-on-one interview on one of OBBM's premier studio shows!

Let our audience of business owners and entrepreneurial listeners and watchers learn all about you and your company. You get show links to put on your website and social media to get tons of mileage out of your appearance. OBBM helps you to be the expert in your industry, a place you deserve to be!

The attention that our company received from my appearance on BIZ Pointz TV was amazing!

B. Kortkamp: National1 Energy

Digital Banner ads plus links to video or audio ads, commercials and promos!

Expertly written and produced ads - Video or Audio.  These ads will be inserted within OBBM programming for viewing or listening over and over! Plus, these ads belong to the advertiser so they can be used on websites, social media, emails or anywhere you (the advertiser) want!

Attention getting video ads that work!

Great advertising makes customers feel great about your business! We help make your business look and sound awesome! Inform and inspire your customers and take your business to the next level of know, like , trust and credibility!

The commercial OBBM produced for us was so good!

J. Phillips: Smart Technology Solutions

Audio ads featured on Podcasts and Radio shows

Audio ads can be featured on both Podcasts and Radio versions of any OBBM programming even TV shows! 

When I heard our ad on the radio version of the show it was awesome!

J. Miller: Reach Barrier