Advertising services overview

A one time set up fee is charged for any advertisement we create. The fee covers our onboarding process, the creation of a custom advertisement using our staff of talented creatives and advertising experts along with full commercial licensing.

Onboarding Process:

As part of the onboarding process, you’ll meet with an ad developer to establish your ads message, tone, language, and feel. Once your script, design, music and footage is determined, we’ll send you a mock up for review and approval before we take it live. Then we will work with you to determine which shows best compliment your message and which geographic targets are best for your goals. Final files are actionable within 5-14 days from the date of the consultation, depending on the complexity.

Website Banner Ads:

A banner ad is a 320x320 px graphic containing your logo and/or text, phone number, and back link displayed on 1, 2, or 3 premium page locations. The one-time setup fee for your banner ad is $160 and covers the cost of design and marketing automation. All banner ads are displayed on the episode page determined in your onboarding process, added to social media assets, and included in email campaigns. In addition to the episode page placement, you may also purchase space on the media page, the home page or show schedule page.

Product Placement:

TV Hosts on the OBBM Network will speak of your products in real-time, exposing your brand in a realistic environment. After the set up fee of $160, we strategically incorporate your product into the natural flow of the conversation to engage the audience, determine the frequency of exposure and the number of episodes in which your product is included.

Segment Sponsorships:

For brands needing more than just exposure, we offer 2-3 minute choregraphed marketplace education pieces available for audio or video placement. The one-time set-up fee starts from $500 depending on production requirements. The fee covers editorial storyboarding, script development, stock footage and audio files for custom production along with commercial reproduction rights. Final productions are dropped into your preferred series of episodes on the OBBM Network. TV and podcast channels for repetitive featured exposure are included in addition to our standard marketing automation.

Mentions / Credits:

On the OBBM Network, credits run in the closing frames, accompany the write up across each platform and enjoy social media and email attention. Set-up fee for mentions/credits is $160.

TV and Video Ads:

30 or 60 second scripted video footage embedded into TV productions on the OBBM Network affiliates (Rumble, BitChute, Vimeo, Roku and more being added) for the purpose of exposure of a brand message to the marketplace. Additionally, all ads are available on our website and featured on you preferred television programming. Can be created and produced on location, created from b-roll or stock footage. Commercial licensing is included for your promotional use.

The one time set up fee for plugging and playing your existing video ad is $160. Our productions teams charge up to $3,000 for producing your video commercial ad for you. Contact us for a custom quote.

Podcast & Radio Ads are not the same:

Radio ads are played throughout the 24/7 programming schedule according to aligned content, and accompany shows circulated through social media. OBBM Radio is available on and the soon to be available revised OBBM Network app.

Podcasts are On-Demand and accessed through the OBBM Network Podcast on major podcast platforms including but not limited to Google Podcasts, IHeart Radio and Spotify as well as and the soon to be available revised OBBM Network app (Android and IOS). Podcast advertisers enjoy an audio ad embedded into shows, and are listed with phone number in text description with backlinks on each episode page. Podcast ads and media pages are promoted through the OffBeat Business Media Newsletter and social media platforms. The one time set up fee for podcast or radio ads is $160.